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LeBron James has no doubt he could have made an NFL roster in 2011

LeBron James previously has said he had begun training for football during the 2011 NBA lockout and was serious about a tryout with the Cowboys. The Lakers star, in fact,

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New class of drug leads to 30 percent reduced risk of death for bladder cancer patients

A new type of drug that helps target chemotherapy directly to cancer cells has been found to significantly increase survival of patients with the most common form of bladder cancer,

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Google partners brace for hit as search giant threatens Australia exit

Google’s threatened shutdown of its search engine in Australia over a proposed content licensing law would ripple across industries, saddling partners like Apple with a sudden revenue gap and retailers

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VLC 4.0 coming this year with new interface for the popular video player

Version 4.0 of VLC, the popular cross-platform media playing software, is planned for release in the coming months, Protocol reports. The big new feature is a redesigned interface, which VideoLAN

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Astronaut to become first Brit to enter space and reach bottom of deepest ocean

An explorer is going to be the first British born astronaut to travel in space and then go to the bottom of the planet’s deepest ocean. Richard Garriott will become

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