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Okay, screenwriters, directors, authors, and production companies — we get it. You have some experience telling stories about Wall Street, the video game industry, or social networks, and you see some mighty big dollar signs in the true tale of how Reddit managed to drive an ailing video game retailer’s stocks to completely ridiculous highs through sheer power of will plus a David versus Goliath narrative that probably doesn’t hold up under close examination.

So you’re making movies — five of them — and two shows. Why not? It’s not like any one person has the rights to a news event like this!

As of Thursday, February 11th:

HBO now has a movie from the guy who wrote Too Big to Fail and co-created Showtime’s Billions
MGM optioned a movie based on a book that hasn’t even been written yet whose author you’ll probably know from the book that became David Fincher’s The Social Network
WallStreetBets’s founder has sold his life story to RatPac, a production company that worked on movies like X-Men: First Class and The Revenant, before its founder was accused of sexual misconduct in 2018
Netflix is negotiating with the screenwriter of The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty to write yet another movie, with one of those cute guys from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before playing a role
Netflix is also working on a docu-series with Story Syndicate, the production company behind HBO’s I’ll Be Gone In The Dark
The writer and director of Console Wars (a book, also a movie) now have a feature-length documentary that’s “fully financed and already in production”
And yes, there’s a whole TV show. How can this possibly turn into a TV show?
No. But just in case yes, we imagine this set of completely disparate productions will need some excellent titles going forward. May we humbly suggest:

GameStop: Never Stop Stopping
Uncut GMEs
Meme Streets
Short Stop
From Pre-Order to Stock Order
I Have No Shares, and I Must Sell
Hate the Player, Not the GME
The Weeb of Wall Street
The Game is Up
GameStop Won’t Stop
Diamond Hands
Robinhood and the Men in Gamer Chairs
To The Moon, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and HODL
This Theater Still Exists Because of This Movie’s Events (remember AMC?)
The Bankrupting of the Hedge Fund Melvin Capital by the Internet Message Board WallStreetBets